Avrax Advocates is an independent, multicultural, midsized and full-service law firm. This is exhibited in its thinking and in the way in which it is building its practice as one of the largest and leading commercial law firms in Uganda.

Avrax provides legal services as a firm of Advocates, solicitors, consultants, commissioner for oaths, tax consultants, company secretaries, trademarks and patent agents.

The firm has experience in providing world-class legal advisory services.

Our firm boasts of some of the most talented, highly qualified and experienced advocates in Uganda whom have received advanced legal training in the world’s leading law schools and are licensed to practice in Uganda outside the country.

Our lawyers therefore have the unique capacity to handle matters in a manner that incorporates and balances legal considerations in various jurisdictions and this has cemented our strong reputation in the legal industry as the premier bleeding ground for top quality legal practioners in Uganda.

This firm has the size, strength and resources to provide quality results and has consistently been the choice for clients with ground breaking and usually challenging transactions in the region and we are a major player in the facilitation of the nation’s legal and economic development.


Our Mission is to establish an outstanding global firm through networking and provision of quality and affordable legal services.


To be a leading global law firm.


Our aim is to achieve our vision responsibility through our committed multicultural specialists who know how to deal with complex and demanding national and international affairs.

Our Values

The firm has critically enhanced its value system of honesty, innovation and practical advice, commitment, integrity, respect, timeliness and confidentiality in all its interactions from within and without. The values are mile stones and pillars of the sound ethical practice. 

Our values are well captured on the employees’ operational manual and in all our strategic documents.

Avrax advocates believe that our firm’s goal is to achieve our client’ hence stimulating effectiveness and efficiency in all our services.

Why Us

Avrax provides comprehensive coverage and support in relation to the laws and regulations in Uganda. We understand the relevant issues and know how to handle them expertly and cost effectively.

Our firm provides a number of strengths that guarantee that we will be able to provide the best quality service to the client on a timely and cost-efficient manner. These strengths are also the major differences between ourselves and other law firms.

Our Size

Our team has the backing of our non-legal staff, inclusive of secretaries and clerks to ensure that assignments are completed within the time allotted along with our other ongoing work commitments but without making any sacrifices as to the quality of work for the client this means faster responses, more effective attention to the assignment and significant cost savings owing to economies of scale.

Our Professional Standards

Our firm insists on the highest professional standard of handling all our assignments. It has been our principle to offer all our clients very good value for their money and we make no compromises on our professional standards in this regard.

A project of this kind is carefully planned to determine beforehand its demands, challenges, how long it will take, and how much it will cost to achieve desired results.

We impose on our professional standards in requirements and ensure that the client is involved in all these processes and that at all times knows what is going on. Our Partners and Associate take great care to be responsive to our client’s inquires and requirements to ensure overall satisfaction. We are confident that given the opportunity, our team will be able to meet and perhaps exceed the expectations of the client on this project.


Our Expertise

  • Administrative Law
  • Banking and finance
  • Corporate and tax
  • Civil and Commercial law
  • Registration of Non-Government Organisations (NGOs)
  • Employment law
  • Intellectual property
  • Investment funds
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Real Estate and Construction
  • Immigration.

Our Relevant Experience

We specialize in all kinds of land transactions including but not limited to: Mortgages, Charges, sales, leases, expropriated properties, transfers and all manner of litigation attendant thereto.

We also advise foreign and local institutional investors, property developers, and surveyors and do a lot of due diligence work regarding development projects in Uganda.

We also routinely for construction corporations, and we have acted as property and estate managers for landlords based locally and abroad.